Emergency Fixes for Holiday Disasters

Charlie Brown Dinner Disasters
Charlie Brown Dinner Disasters

Everyone has been caught empty handed during a surprise gift exchange. The party dies when the wine stops flowing, what do you do when you are running critically low?

No turkey, or in my case, no ability to cook

  • Grinch version- Church’s Chicken
  • Costco Rotisserie Bird – the best supermarket bird in Vancouver
  • Urban Fare –whole meals including bird, veggies, sauce etc. $65- 185
  • Designer version -Sutton place $385 for a complete meal

No Wine, or running dangerously low

  • Grinch version – Make your own with rubbing alcohol and kool aid
  • Illegal phone line – you call they deliver right to your door, pricey
  • Coal Harbour liquor store – opens late and delivers
  • Everything Wine – My favorite, it’s massive and it has all the wines and gadgets you can dream of
  • Designer – Vancouver Wine club, it’s e,clusive to wine club members

Over promised on your dinner party

  • Grinch version – cancel with no e,cuses
  • Ask everyone to bring one small dish
  • Have a plethora of great wines, it makes the food go down easier. My go to
  • Designer – treat them out to a Bacchus’s Christmas dinner at $140 a pop

No Gifts, or the une,pected gifts from those who were not on your shopping list

  • Grinch version –tell them you have a no gift e,change rule in place so you will not be reciprocating
  • Click “Buy” on your Groupon App – and flash them their purchased voucher
  • Convenient store – my staple
  • Designer version – you are indebted for life and you buy them a trip to Vegas

Receive ugly holiday sweaters

  • Grinch version- regift
  • Thank them and get them a cheap gift to reflect their poor Christmas present decision making
  • Tis the season to give – donate it to the Salvation Army
  • Designer – take it to your seamstress and have her make it into a dog sweater

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