Preston – Why Empty Restaurants are Creepy

Preston, is a little piece of Yaletown in Coal Harbour. With its dark wood and black on red decor. Peering from the outside it looks pretty dead, going to an empty restaurant could be pretty creepy. I walk by this place daily and always make a mental note to try it but, always get creeped out when it’s completely empty. Thankfully, on a Saturday night it was half full, whew…

We decided on the Saturday Date Night menu, $49 shared appetizer and desert and, seperate entrees.


Started with the Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops – Dumplings were nice and crispy. I wouldn’t say it was brilliant but, it was above average.

Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops- Preston
Sweet Prawn Gyoza and Scallops- Preston


Wild Mushroom Ravioli – Wow, it was so dry and undercooked it was like eating tree bark dipped in sweet and sour sauce. The flavors did not complement each other. The combinations of flavors were so odd, we were left feeling confused, what the hell am I really eating, sweet and sour, with wild mushrooms?!?

Wild Mushroom Ravioli- Preston
Wild Mushroom Ravioli- Preston

In replacement of the sweet and sour tree bark ravioli, we ordered the Pad Thai. It was a bit bland but, certainly passable. My dining companion mixed in some soy sauce and chili paste to the leftovers the next day and apparently, that was good.

Pad Thai- Preston
Pad Thai- Preston

AAA top sirloin – The meat was tender and juicy, albeit very salty. I’m guessing they accidentally dumped too much salt on the steak, so much so I could still see little chunks of crystals that I had to scrape off.

AAA Top Sirloin - Preston
AAA Top Sirloin - Preston

Strawberry Balsamic Cheesecake – I love strawberry cheese cakes with sweet balsamic reduction.

Strawberry Balsalmic Cheesecake- Preston
Strawberry Balsalmic Cheesecake- Preston

The service was exemplary, the hostess came around to each table and asked, using your name, and extra added customer service touch was pleasant and saved the dinner from being a complete failure.

Value: [rating=4]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=4]
Price: $$
Cuisine: West Coast Restaurant
Location: Downtown Vancouver

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