Friends and Food – Why We Should Not Drink Wine From a Box

First edition of Friends and Food

“Of all the expensive and trendy restaurants we go to… it would never be as fun or memorable as the ones we have at home with our friends.”
culinarian mo z
culinarian mo z

In celebration of his new diggs, Mo Z, former culinarian behind Corner Suite Bistro, Vancouver’s Voted Best New Resto of 2010, invited a few VIP’s for a dinner party.


Roasted tomato salad -Sweet and juicy tomatoes with radish and pickled shallots over a bed of mixed greens and shaved carrots

After his first bite…

No Veggies Man - Jack Black
I haven't had veggies for a while mmmm...." - Jack


Sweet and tangy couscous sprinkled with cranberry and lemon juice.

Braised lamb stew in a red wine reduction – potatoes, shallots, carrots, infused with thyme. This was very flavourful and surprisingly light. Paired with Peter Lehman’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Absolutely superb!

braised lamb stew
braised lamb stew
Lamb stew red wine reduction
"it's like an orgy in my mouth but...with only girls", Brian aka Mr. Knows His Stuff

Sorry, Andrea and Jack, the Californian Merlot from a box just doesn’t do it for me, call me a wine snob. Come on, it came out from a sprout as if I was pouring diluted Coke. Not even Coca Cola Coke, a replica of Coca-Cola made in China.

wine from a box
"this wine is so sweet it's like captain crunch tea bagging you" - Brian Mr. Knows His Stuff

Palate Cleanser Refreshments
In between courses, after finishing his palette cleanser, Ciroc Vodka….he moved on to an entire bottle of Prosecco and Beer.

Mr. I Get All The Hot Girls
"Ciroc vodka for a man is like getting a FHM photo shoot contract with only you, your top 5 international models and $100,000 of daily spending budget," - Dave, the guy that will always show up with the hottest girl

Courtesy of Sophia aka Ms. Dessert Monster we finished off this fine meal with Creme Puffs, lightly drizzled with a sweet and tangy red wine reduction sauce.

Creme Puffs and wine reduction
Creme Puffs and wine reduction

This is your first official Food Persuasion Disclaimer: to maintain authenticity of the actual events the comments made throughout the dinner party were transcribed without censorship. That being said, this post may contain content that may not be suitable to all.

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