Authentically Western – Salam Bombay

Food Persuasion level : [rating=3]
Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=3]
Price: $
Cuisine: Lunch – Indian Restaurant
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Salam Bombay Menu

If you failed to make reservations for a sunny Friday lunch, you can forget about it, all the usual  “hot spots” restaurants will be full till at least 1PM. After our 3rd failed attempt, we decided to trek upstairs to Salam Bombay and as we guessed they had a few extra tables available.

Till of late, I have yet to hear anyone rave about the quality and creativity of food from “All You Can Eat” restaurants, this one is no exception. All you can eat for $15. It was authentically western, with all your typical western choices from the luke warm butter chicken. As my co-workers (Yes, I do have a REAL job) unanimously agreed it lacked the layers of spices and lacked the smoky flavour. It was also noted that 90% of the lunch patrons were not of indian discent, they would probably roll their eyes of at what is being passed as “contemporary indian cuisine”.

chicken - Salam Bombay
chicken - Salam Bombay

The mixed vegetables were unaspring. The veggies were overdone to the point that it looked like green sludge dorwning in curry.

mixed vegetables - salam bombay
mixed vegetables - salam bombay

I usually love paneer but this was too heavy to my liking and after my 5th spoonful I felt like I just gained 3lbs.

alu gobhi and saag paneer
alu gobhi and saag paneer

It would not be an Authentically Western Indian all you can eat if there was no beef curry! Eh, just look at the pic, does that look appealing?

beef curry - Salam Bombay
beef curry - Salam Bombay

On a uplifting note, hte service was attentive and friendly. They were more than courteous when asked to define menu items. The setting was birght, clean and comfortably spacious. I would go back if I am ever stupid enough to fail to book reservations for Friday’s lunch and perhaps try their dishes off the “All You Can Eat” menu.
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