Red Hot Mexican – Don Guacamoles

Food Persuasion level : [rating=2]
Value: [rating=3]
Service : [rating=4]
Ambiance: [rating=3]
Price: $
Cuisine: Mexican Restaurant
Location: Robson St.,  DonwtownVancouver
Don Guacamole’s Restaurant Menu

Don Guacamole

Food Persuasion Level

It must be the pull of their large and always packed patio that drew us to Don Guacamole’s or, their guacamole dip in a martini glass. Whatever the reason, we were ready to explore Robson’s version of a Red Hot Mexican meal.

Starting off with a complimentary side of tortillas that comes with 3 dipping sauces. None, all too spicy.

Tortilla Chips

The best value and my recommendation are the Tortilla appetizers $2.75/ each, it is equally as big as the tortillas sized entrees. We ordered the Birria, slow cooked lamb with as their menu terms it a “unique” mexican sauce.  Really just a bunch of chillies, we started adding the dip from our chips to add extra flavour to a rather much too simple dish.


For the entree we ordered the Mulitas Campachenas – corn tortillas, ground beef and mexican sausage and guacamole -$10, it comes with two tortillas.  This turned out a little dry, added a spritz of lime, extra gucamole and salsa which turned out great.


Gauging from my foodie co-horts this place is a hit or miss, depending when you go, the line-ups are always long and whether their cook is on the ball when he made your dish. For that reason and the fact that I was my own sit-down chef I am not persuaded.

1333 Robson StVancouver, BC(604) 569-2295


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