New Interactive Wine Tasting Series in Vancouver

quini wine tasting

Quini recently launched their first ever Interactive Wine Education Series in Canada in collaboration with Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver. The seminar that I attended focused on BC Wines. Quini’s wine educator took us through the different regions of B.C., top grape varietals and the different stages of tasting wine, sight, nose, taste and finish.

Spinmakers Jolly Hopper -At a 100 IBUs

100IBU's spinmakers

At a 100 IBU’S you would probably expect Spinmakers Jolly Hopper to be extremely hoppy. Although it has a strong hop profile it is nicely balanced with the sweet caramel malts. Definitely one of my favourites from Spinmakers.

Dead Frog Interstellar ESB


The bite that ESB’s have are not for everyone but it’s a personal favorite when I can find one that’s well balanced. Although not out of the world, this interstellar ESB is well balanced. Slightly sweet on the nose, you get a nice caramel and fruity hop up front that’s …

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Philips Brewing Area 52 – Octofox


Rumours swirl about a secret Philips brewing project called Area 52, where renegade hoptomology breeds experimental hoppy beers known only by their call – signs. We deny everything, Octofox does not exist